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Catalunya Experience Magazin

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Das Catalunya Experience Magazin stellt die Region Katalonien vor (Dreisprachig: Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch)


HERITAGE KULTURERBE НАСЛЕДИЕ ALBERT SÁNCH EZ PIÑOL WRITER SCHRIFTSTELLER ПИСАТЕЛЬ “CATALONIA IS A COUNTRY THAT IS MAKING HISTORY” T · TXELL LLORENS I f we set out to visit Catalonia as a destination that is appealing thanks to its history, what events would define our reality? As an author of historic novels, I have to mention 1640, the Catalan Revolt’. A national social uprising where the people rose up and asked for a change in structure. This was the first attempt to separate from Spain. The second date would be 1714, when — once again — the people are the main players but, in this case, it is due to a defeat that involves the loss of institutions. A heroic defeat, but a defeat. And, later, what I would try to explain is that we are making history, that what is happening now, without a doubt, will be history. However it ends. Thus, I would mention the recent 11 September, the Catalan Way, the V… All of this will really be history one day. ENRIQUE MARCO Will we end up in a book? I’m a novelist and I’m looking at it from the narrative point of view. I believe that the history of a country is a story and, in all stories, there are what are technically called plot twists. And these three dates I have mentioned are: they are moments in which something changes in the country. For good or bad. The story that was happening until then is transfigu ed. Therefore, they are important dates. Currently, the people are once more the main players, aiming to change things from old to new. This is my perspective. And this doesn’t happen in some places, or it is not seen even once in a country’s lifetime. And here it has already happened three times. What is the characteristic that defines the Catalan people? I would highlight their resilience, their capacity to resist in the long term. Also their ability to absorb what comes from outside, to digest it and integrate it. The Catalan nation is a great factory making Catalan people, is a phrase always I say. Immigrants come and half a generation later they are already Catalan. What importance does language have in this historic progress? I believe that it is the backbone. I speak as an anthropologist, because it is the only thing that differentiates us. A Catalan journalist and a journalist from Madrid, from the moment they get up in the morning until they go to bed, have the same problems. They have to pay the same mortgage, put up with the same corrupt politicians, they live in similar apartments. What makes us unique, what characterises us, is our language. And that is why we defend it so much. Because it is what gives us our own personality. Someone outside could say, if language already define them, why are they asking for more? Precisely because of the constant attacks on culture that Catalans get just for being Catalan, which is an unwonted fact. And because of the examples that we have been given by both States that govern us. On the French side, there are few people who speak Catalan and, in Spain, they say we have a high level of autonomy, but the same people who say this do everything possible to prevent it. l 34 / #CatalunyaExperience 35 / #CataloniaExperience

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